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Bo Rodriguez is a sixteen year old boy who likes to write, and design. In the fall of 2016 Rodriguez got the oppurtunity to write his first book Captured a memoir. After months of getting qoutes from many publishing houses. He finally chose the publishing house Blurb. Located in San Francisco California. Rodriguez currently attends Lamar High School and lives in the Houston Texas area.




" I cant wait for people to read my book, and let them learn a lot more about me. I dont know if the book is going to do well but all I know is that I am proud of it! And I want to write a couple more that I have in my head." - Bo Rodriguez

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People say...
Congratulations mijo! That's amazing, can't wait to read it          
Wow Bo! How wonderful! I'm so excited for you!!! Xxx 
I want my copy signed by the author! This is wonderful Bo. I can't wait! 
My favorite nephew! i love you! i can't wait to read it <3 i'm so privileged to hang around you and love you during my time on this crazy planet
Congrats Bo 💙 that's awesome! 
That is amazing and awesome! So proud of you!!! The lopez girls will be getting a copy or two
Now THAT'S exciting! Your California Family can't wait to read it. The more I know you the more I love you! XO 
Congrats Bo! 
I'm beyond proud of you. When you told me you were writing a book I was so shocked! I'm so proud of the person you are becoming and cannot wait to read your book. Love you lots